I’ve seen a lot of people trying to jump out of their serialized cards lately. The problem is, nobody wants them anywhere near what they tend to be asking. This is infinitely true for cards which don’t have an established history as being iconic game pieces.

As a shop, we don’t even touch serialized cards on our buylist, nor do the majority of shops. There-in lies the problem for offloading these, because as a shop, we could otherwise buy these and worst case take a minor hit buylisting out to someplace else if we need capital freed up. That flexibility exists in almost every facet of Magic product, but not serialized cards.

Pretty much the only outlet for immediate sale of serialized cards is buylisting to stores through TCGplayer. Which needless to say will always be a “lowball” offer for these items. Aside from numbers with higher desirability in addition to playability or being historically iconic, nobody really wants to collect these.

Ultimately, I think the desirability failing is in the cards not being unique. You can get the same exact cards with a meaninglessly different foiling treatment, without the serialization. Collectors want unique art, unique frames, something that’s immediately eye catching, different, and exclusive.

In that way, these serialized cards should be getting handled like Secret Lairs or the original Masterpieces. They should be one-and-done, special art, limited run, and agreed that they will never be reprinted in that form again.

Remember, the most desirable serialized card thus far has been the 1/1 The One Ring. That’s because it is a wholly unique card that is iconic and highly playable. If they had printed it as a 1/1 that had all attributes available in non-serialized, its valuation would be considered a joke… like all of the other serialized cards thus far outside of the original mirrored Viscera Seer.

And that’s the real issue on the collector/consumer end: WoTC needs to make these serialized cards feel like Masterpieces felt back in the day. The combination of these two methods would make these cards actually collectable. And further beyond that, they should only be doing these for cards which are Special Guests or subsets and not cards which have entered the ecosystem in the last year.

But for all of these reasons, we don’t buylist these, similar to how (for the most part) we don’t buylist foils except where it’s a unique printing in foil. They move like glaciers and nobody wants them when they can get the non-foil magnitudinally cheaper.

All of this said, if you’re looking to invest in collectables and Magic specifically right now? Buy into reserve list staples, because they are relatively cheap at the moment and very likely to have additional upward trends in the future, given historical data on their valuation cycles. Even staple Masterpieces are a more stable value store.

tldr; Dump serialized cards in their current form where you can, because they’re more likely to only lose value over time due to lack of real desirability.

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