Single Use Plastics Reduction

Our primary goal is to take progressive concrete actions in our business operations over the coming years to completely eliminate our use of single use plastics from our business operations in their entirity. Recycling alone as a solution is a proven failure and as such, while a component and somemthing we exercise when possible, we recognize is a limited solution. As such, we’re more comitted to the use of degradeable bioplastics and paper based materials going forward.


Sustainability Plan Timeline

The follwing is the timetable we’ve put in place and are committed to, in meeting certain environmental and sustainability goals.



  • Phase out polypropylene “team bags” to <=180-day bioplastic packaging alternatives.
  • Phase out bubble mailers which use plastic bubble sheeting to <=180-day biodegradeable and backyard compostable bubble mailers.
  • Phase out ink based “inkjet” printing in its entirity for all print media purposes.
  • Full transition to thermal printing for non-archive critital B&W print media such as shipping labels and invoice packing sheets.



  • Complete phasing out of single-use plastics within our business; products originating from our business; and shipments originating from our business.



  • Full ban on single use non-bioplastics within the products we carry for sale.
  • Full elimination of any fossil fuel based vehicles within our fleet.

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